The DCM - defect control module is a fully integrated application that runs on a handheld rugged tablet and allows to visually control the incoming hides  and record the defects on a hide  map, marking the location and the type of defect (superficial cuts, deep cuts, holes, tick marks etc).  

It is used to control incoming green hides from slaughterhouses, wet blue and crust from suppliers and is a certification tool for customers.
The DCM  allows visualizing tendencies of defects  and draws comparisons between the various suppliers.

This makes it possible to control the quality of the hides received and justifies a possible reimbursement if the percentage of defects in relation to the position on the hide is above the contractual parameters.  

All data can be uploaded to the T-cat system when the controller is back to the tannery OR can be transmitted over the Internet via Wifi connectivity.

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