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The Productivity Control Module (PCM) captures and analyzes machine performance by tracking average productivity (hides per hour) against a defined benchmark for each machine.

The PCM features a dashboard-style screen for review/analysis of the productivity data from machines. The screen  features a panel for each machine with numeric and gauge readouts for Performance Level, Hides Per Hour, and Total Hides.

The data displayed is  graphed and can be filtered according to date, shift, operator, lot, customer, etc...

Monitoring the productivity performance of various machines in real time allows to control production flows in an easy real time manner.

The PCM allows to monitor a group of similar machines (fleshers / splitters / shavers) and monitor the productivity of ... 

  • each machine

  • each operator

  • per shift


Machine downtime is entered by choosing the reason​ from a drop down menu to allow effective cost control and the  application of corrective measures

Large variances point to machine malfunction or wrong settings, as well as pinpointing to "slow" operators


The PCM allows to monitor productivity of the machines by specific department


  • lime yard - fleshers / splitters

  • tan yard - sammers / splitters / shavers

  • retanning / conditioning dept - setting out / drying / staking

  • finishing dept - buffers / spray lines /  embossing presses / measuring machines etc

The PCM makes it possible to control

all of the most important machines and thus have a real time continuous overview of the  production flow and

anticipate disruptive bottle necks.


The PCM can be connected directly  to the machine software or PLC,  or in case of machine operations that do not allow for an automatic counting of the hides or  of older equipment, data is taken thru a  Tcat wireless push-button transmitter / receiver that is applied to every machine.   


The PCM allows detailed

productivity analysis for making decisions based on real data

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