The RCM – Recipe Control Module - is the best way to track, control and manage the drum process, eliminating costly human error.

The RCM module is not an alternative to fully automated systems as Huni or Pajusco that require major investment, but is a way to completely eliminate the “kitchen” operator from making mistakes with the weight of the products, and the drum operator from adding the wrong chemical and mismanaging times of addition and rotation.

Our system adapts to the type of manual operation common in most tanneries, allowing a strict control of the correct weight of the chemicals, the correct sequence of loading and in compliance with the established times. In case of a problem it is possible to graphically visualize the points where operations outside of the recipe instructions, and to determine the date, the batch, the operator when the problem was generated.


This type of analysis is practically impossible without having real-time data collection, (data not modifiable by operators), and therefore allows searching for real time solutions based on real time data.


A template of the tannery formula sheets per article are embedded into the RCM module.  Each different article will contain the percentages of each chemical product, the time and direction of rotation, the different manual control steps (pH-temp-°Bè etc.) along with the wash times.   The only variable that will have to be entered is the load weight of the hides.  With this data the formula will calculate the correct amount of each product.

The "kitchen" operator will have on display the recipe for each specific drum, with instructions as to which chemical product to weigh and the amount. At reaching the exact weight the program will show the next product to weigh, and so on until all products have been weighed.  The RCM will not allow the operator any changes as to sequence and weight, sending an alarm and stopping the process until a supervisor manages the situation. For each product weighed a bar code / QR code will be generated.

At each drum, the operator will have a second display with a simplified instruction screen; the product to be added, the bar code / QR code check that will confirm the correct product, the rotation time, time alarm, manual controls check, etc.   Each step is time stamped and recorded for trouble shooting and future analysis.


Any deviation from the original recipe is tracked and generates an automatic alert and report.

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