The WCM - Weight Control Module captures the weight in real time directly from  balances  (static) with a digital output or directly from chain conveyors (dynamic).  The WCM can be applied in several stages of production...

• incoming control  of the weight of the green hides from the slaughterhouse
• incoming control of the weight of  salted hides from suppliers
• incoming control of the number hides
• formation of batches to load the lime drums
• formation of batches to load the tanning drums
• formation of lots to load the retanning  drums

The data is automatically recorded in the T-cat system and recorded as to 
• Date
• Provider
• Lot number
• Classification

• Etc...


The visualization is easy and intuitive, through a highly personalized structure. The use of colors allows immediate visual control of the various weight classifications.

This information is available in real time and can be used to generate management reports.

These reports can be analyzed or exported in various formats, such as Excel or PDF.

WCM_tannery view
WCM_tannery view2
WCM_at the scale
WCM_at completion of lot
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