The TCM - Thickness Control Module is a fully integrated application that allows to control the thickness of leather in real time, with the ultimate goal of managing and controlling quality parameters during the process.
Each measuring station consists of a digital gauge with a wireless transmitter and a receiver connected to a PC.
It is also possible to attach a TV monitor in front of the operators so they can check their work in real time, allowing for immediate corrective measures in case of deviations from the set parameters.
The incoming data is automatically registered in the system as it is being generated.
The visualization is easy and intuitive, the use of different colors indicate if the thickness is inside, above or below the preset parameters.
This information is immediately available to generate management reports or  as a process quality certification document.


thickness gauge
mod  TG 3018

TG 3018 Frame

  • Ergonomic design for a relaxed grip

  • High tensile composite material

  • Rust proof

  • Alkali and acid resistant

  • Salt resistant

  • Machined from a solid bloc

  • No Joints 

  • No welds

TCM - for each lot a hide map shows


the  control points the customer wants,


and a thickness interval is specified.   


If the measured thickness is inside


those parameters the the location box


will remain white, if the thickness is


below it will turn to red, and if it is


above it will turn green.

The color system eliminates having to read numbers.   At a  glance it will be possible to control the thicknesses obtained.

Gauging follows a set sequence so that the system knows the location on the hide of each thickness point - belly (left / right) shoulder croupon  etc.

Dynamic graphs show the percentage below / above and correct thicknesses per each selected area as well as of the whole lot allowing for immediate immediate corrective measures.

TCM   thickness data  of every hide is


stored for future reporting and analysis. 

Graphs are customized to customer



The TCM can monitor dynamic thickness on continuous transport belts and interpolate data capture at specific set distance points

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