Just making leather is something of the past.  Now tanneries have to make consistent, high quality leather to be successful in the global markets. With this rule in mind, the Tcat team isclosely working with tanneries to develop the ultimate quality control system.


The T-cat System allows for real-time data collection of a number of parameters taken directly during the production process, allowing operators to instantly monitor and correct any faults or deviations from the set parameters. Featuring cutting-edge new technologies, like our Digital Wireless thickness gauges, our new Mobile Grading and Defect Control rugged tablet, the TCAT is bringing the tannery industry into the 4.0 universe.

All data is captured and stored on corporate servers and can be viewed from any location, allowing the operators, the supervisor, the quality control manager  or the plant manager immediate access from any location in the world. The system includes data analysis and reports, and data can be shared or exported to PDF, Excel and many other data platforms. All information captured is processed and made visible in real-time and real-time graphics enhance the visual control of each operation as it is happening.

The T-cat System has been designed to integrate with major management systems such as SAP, Antara, MS Dynamics, MAS90 / 2000 (Sage) and many others. The system is available in various configurations depending on the needs of the tannery. The TCAT Corporate version allows for an unlimited number of control stations in one plant, while the TCAT Enterprise version manages data being received from multiple locations worldwide. The T-cat is the optimum Quality Control System and is the High-Tech solution to costly manual data retrieval and outdated controls, which are now the standard procedure. 

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